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Low Cost Spay/Neuter

We are very happy to provide low cost spay/neuter services, two times a month. These are not limited to in-county residents and are by paid reservation only. We utilize these clinics first for the cats and kittens that we take in through our nonprofit Karma Kat Rescue, and all extra spots are released for public use, so spaces are limited.  There are no refunds for no shows, unless there are extenuating circumstances. YES! We happily work with TNR and feral kitties, we want to reduce the population in every way. For TNR/feral specific, we know you may not be able to catch the cat, in that case we will work on rescheduling, just call and let us know if this happens.

We are very grateful for our volunteer clinic staff, who devotes their time and effort to make these clinics happen each month!

We are NOT a veterinarian clinic, so we are unable to offer any other vet services.

$65 spay or neuter, includes required combination shot

(feline rhino,calici,panleuk)

Reservations can be made in person or on our website, payment is due in full at time of reservation. No refunds for no shows, unless there is extenuating circumstances, or a TNR situation.  Spots are very valuable!

Drop off is at 7am sharp, as cats are transported to our offsite clinic location at 7:30 am sharp. Pick-up is at 5:30pm sharp, as our building closes at 7pm

Each cat must be in a separate, clean, HARD carrier.  We do have loaner carriers if needed, just pick them up ahead of clinic date. No blankets or toys in carriers, please!

Please pull food the evening before the clinic at 8pm, kitty can still have water though.

Add-on services are available:


Microchipping $20

30 day flea treatment $5

You can add these services at check in

Spaying and Neutering saves lives!

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Thank you for being part of the solution of cat over-population!!
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