Karma Kat Cafe

612 East Broadway Street

Mount Pleasant, Mi

989 773-2399

Cat Adoption & Therapy lounge 

 Summer Hours
 Mon 1-6pm
Tuesday 1-6pm
Wednesday 1-6pm
Thursday 1-6pm
Friday 1-7pm
Saturday 1-7pm
Sunday 1-5pm 
Last visits start an hour before close!



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Saving lives, one cat at a time.

What is a Cat Cafe?

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*A Cat Cafe is an establishment , where visitors pay a small fee to spend time with adoptable cats.  These fees help sustain our cat rescue operations.

*Unlike other cat cafes, we do not charge by the hour.  Simply pay your fee and sign the waiver, and enjoy your visit.

*Cats provide amazing, scientifically proven therapy to humans, so this is the purrfect place to relax.

*You do not have to adopt to visit.

*Walk in appointments are usually available, or you can make reservations on-line.

*While local health department regulations do not allow us to make coffee on the premises, we do offer the use of our Keurig, and have cooler drinks available for purchase.

Feline Fans Welcome

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Be in the Moment

Our Cat Lounge is large and spacious.

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Karma Kat Cafe is a unique concept that helps homeless cats find homes, by providing a communal cat living space.  Cats thrive and learn to be social, preparing them for their furever home.   We have the purrfect setting for humans needing a break from life, for some great therapy or for anyone looking for a new best friend.  Karma Kat Cafe prides itself on being an inclusive and safe space for all people.