Lots of fun Events with cats


What is better than events with cats?  Nothing that we can think of!  Here is just a few of the great events you can attend at Karma Kat Café:

*Painting with Cats

*Cat Bingo

*Yoga with Cats

*Reading with Cats

*Trivia Night


Events help support the Karma Kats!

Be in the Moment
yoga 1.jpg

All events now take place in the newly remodeled and spacious cat lounge.

*Painting with Cats is a 2-3 hour painting class, with instructor and all supplies included.  There is a different theme each month.

*Cat Bingo is a casual game night, with fun cat themed bingo and prizes, suitalble for all ages.

*Yoga with cats is a 1 hour gentle practice, suitable for all levels, followed by a 1/2 hour cool down, just relaxing with the Karma Kats.

*Reading to Cats is a family oriented program, which allows families to experience the cat lounge for a reduced fee, and lets kids practice their gentle animal skills, by reading to the Karma Kats.

*Trivia night with cats is an adult only evening, with various themes, and prizes and of course the company of the Karma Kats.

All events require pre-registration so we can plan appropriately.