Make a difference in the lives of cats.

How would you like to help out the Karma Kats and earn some free cat lounge time, as well?  We have a very simple volunteer program just for you.  Volunteer responsibilities will vary and may include cleaning, cuddling and other tasks you would expect at a cat rescue.


While the goal of a cat cafe is to be sustainable through visitation fees and event fees, donations are truly appreciated as well. 

*Donate in person

(see wish list on bottom of page)

*Mail donations directly to Karma Kat Cafe at:

612 East Broadway St

Mount Pleasant, Mi 48858

*Donate using our Amazon wish list

*Become a sustaining donor by registering through our reservations app.

*Donate via the Paypal button

Be in the Moment

Karma Kat Cafe

Wish List:

*Cans of cat food

*Grain free dry cat food

*Cat probiotics

*Paper Towels


*Natural Flea Spray

*Cat Toys

*Gently used Towels

*Large Baking Soda/Litter Deodorizer

*Clumping Litter

*Monetary Donations