Why I decided to open a cat café

Ever wonder what it's like to run a cat café? Let me take you on my journey to opening Karma Kat Café, what it is like to live and breathe cats and do cat rescue. This blog will be a series of installations about how and why I decided to open a cat café. (Let me warn you it's not all rainbows, and tends to be lots of cat pee, poop and puke.)

I was an only child who found company in the world of nature, with books, bugs and animals as my favorite companions. I grew up with 1 dog, 1 cat and a variety of horses, but loved all creatures... literally, and was often encouraged to be a veterinarian. A lot of this love stemmed from summers spent on my Grandparents farm where I rode pigs and horses and learned the handy skill of hypnotizing chickens. Their farm was home to a large variety of creatures through the years, from cows to sheep, and even a few Yaks at one time. I could probably write another entire blog about my adventures on "The Farm". Fast forward to my adult years, where I happily indulged in pet ownership, including birds, fish, reptiles, ferrets and even a hedgehog at one time. I was an obvious frequent customer of our locally owned pet supply, and after joining the staff, was fortunate enough to purchase the business. As I always do with my interests, I voraciously researched and read everything on pet nutrition, behavior and issues pets faced. Realizing there was a true epidemic of homeless cats, I joined a small Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) group and that's where my love of cats grew even larger. We began to adopt out homeless cats through my pet supply business, and placed about 300 cats over a 7 year period. As shopping habits began to change over to internet based, it was time to get out of retail, but what was a 40 something year old who loved animals, supposed to do with her life? My then, 12 year old daughter brought me the great idea of cat cafes, and voila a new dream was born. We would have an establishment that saved homeless cats, provided great pet therapy to humans and could bring the community together by selling local products, and by holding unique events. When I previously adopted cats out from my pet supply business, I would always joke that each adoption was my bit of good Karma sent out into the world. Thus began the journey of creating Karma Kat Café.

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