Creating Karma Kat Cafe-continued

Ok, long break from blogging, but now that I have more time on my hands, it's time to continue our creation story. Picking up where I left off, the decision was made to jump feet first into building a whole new business. Hours were spent researching cat cafes, literally all across the world. My vision would evolve over time, but it obviously included cats, a great space and coffee. Lists were made, locations visited, and zoning people contacted. The biggest obstacle facing this new venture was working capital, so immediately fundraisers were put into place. These included a Kickstarter campaign, which was unsuccessful and then a Facebook fundraiser, which was very well supported by the local community. Our Logo was created, lots of paperwork put together, along with a basic business plan. Before even securing a storefront space, I wanted to build media momentum and threw my energy into building our Facebook page and a website. I am fortunate to have an amazing friend and manager, Katelynn, who has stood by my side for many years, starting with the old business, Redbird, and staying steadfast, even to today. Together we found a great space in the downtown area of Mount Pleasant, and immediately began re-modeling, with the help of my husband, and Katelynn's fiance, Jesse. We tore down walls, painted with a lot of our signature purple color, hung doors, moved lots of stuff, and prepared to open as soon as possible. All on a shoe string budget, but we still created a great little space, filled with couches, chairs, area rugs and cat furniture. Working with some local rescues, we brought in our first group of cats and hit the ground running. June 12th, 2018 we opened and had our first cat adoption, Karma Kat Cafe was Live!

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