Frequently Asked Questions

Why charge a visitation fee?

The visitation fee allows the adoption center to be sustainable.  Costs involved with operating this type of center include food, litter, medications and staffing expenses.  Every cat adopted out, opens up room to save more cats.  Our main focus is finding furever homes for felines!

Can I bring my cat?

Unfortunately, we ask that you leave your personal cats at home.  Our adoptable cats have a clean bill of health, and to maintain healthy adoptable cats, we cannot allow other pets in the KKC.

Where do the cats come from?

All of our adoptable cats come from a variety of places, including other shelters and rescues.  We often take in fully vetted cats when help is needed.

Can I book the adoption room for a private event?

Call us directly at the Cafe for more details on events like private birthday parties, or other special occasions.

Is this a coffee shop?

We have a self-serve coffee and tea bar, for a small donation.  Also, cooler drinks like soda, juice and water & packaged snacks like muffins, cookies, & cake pops. In order to avoid Health Department issues, we are keeping things simple, as our focus is successful cat adoptions.


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"Our Adoption process is smooth and easy!  We want you to make a great connection with your new family member"

-Mystie Beckwith owner of Karma Kat Cafe